Durable Exercise Space Ball Jump Ball Kids/Adults Jump Ball


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Ships from Hong Kong. This jump ball is great for a sunny day outside or for an inside rainy day activities. Perfect for both kids and adults. Not only is this great fun, but it also builds strength, endurance, coordination, & balance. It can helps efficiently burn calories to build a strong body.With this jump board, kids will have so much fun and keeps them away from TVs, vedio, Internet etc, they won’t even realize they are doing exercise! Pump is included, you need to inflate the ball by yourself. Recommended ages: 6 years old & up. Size: length: 39 CM, 15.35 inch; height: 29 CM, 11.42 inch. The board and ball are removable, pump included and inflated by yourself. Helps to build strength,endurance,coordination & balance. Efficiently burn calories to keep a healthy and slim body. Suits for both kids and adults. Recommended ages: 6 years old & up.

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